Owner / Manager Membership Benefits

Professional Development

  • PAA-Central continually offers informative, education programs for all levels of on-site personnel as well as the corporate level.
  • Also, nationally recognized designation programs are made available and include:
    NALP - "National Apartment Leasing Professional"
    CAMT - "Certified Apartment Maintenance Technician"
    CAM - "Certified Apartment Manager"
  • Real Estate School for Continued Education

NAA Privileges

  • As a member of PAA-Central you are automatically a member of the National Apartment Association and the Pennsylvania Apartment Association. Both provide additional programs and benefits to enhance your professional development.


  • There are numerous committees to serve on. Committee members are vital to the success of this organization.


  • Network with other members of the multi-housing industry at our annual events and programs.
    They include:
    • Annual Meeting
    • Business Exchange
    • Best of Living Awards
    • Fair Housing Seminars
    • National Speakers
    • Golf Outing
    • Mixers
    • Education Programs

Resources and Publications

  • Units Magazine


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Associate Membership Benefits

Advertising Opportunities

  •  PAA-Central Web Site

Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Education Programs
  • Special Events
  • Golf Scramble
  • Best of Living Awards
  • Education Luncheons
  • Mixers

Business Exchange

  • Held every year, this is a dynamic opportunity for Associate Members to promote their company to owners, managers, leasing/marketing representatives and maintenance technicians and supervisors.

Networking Opportunities

  • Mixers
  • Programs and Special Events
  • Committees

Associate Council

  • An elected group of your peers who work along side the Board of Directors to actively enhance the benefits and opportunities for Associate Members.


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