2015-2016 leadership in the House and Senate

Republican Caucus -
•    President Pro Tempore - Joe Scarnati
•    Leader - Jake Corman
•    Appropriations Chairman - Pat Browne
•    Whip - John Gordner
•    Caucus Chair - Bob Mensch
•    Caucus Secretary - Rich Alloway
•    Caucus Administrator - Chuck McIlhinney
•    Policy Committee Chair - Dave Argall
 Democratic Caucus -
•    Leader - Jay Costa
•    Appropriations Chairman - Vince Hughes
•    Whip - Anthony Williams
•    Caucus Chair - Wayne Fontana
•    Caucus Secretary - Larry Farnese
•    Caucus Administrator - John Yudichak
•    Policy Committee Chair - Lisa Boscola

Republican Caucus -
•    Speaker - Mike Turzai
•    Leader - Dave Reed
•    Appropriations Chairman - Bill Adolph
•    Whip - Bryan Cutler
•    Caucus Chair - Sandy Major
•    Caucus Secretary - Donna Oberlander
•    Caucus Administrator - Brian Ellis
•    Policy Committee Chair - Kerry Benninghoff
Democratic Caucus -
•    Leader - Frank Dermody
•    Appropriations Chairman - Joe Markosek
•    Whip - Mike Hanna
•    Caucus Chair - Dan Frankel
•    Caucus Secretary - Rosita Youngblood
•    Caucus Administrator - Neal Goodman
•    Policy Committee Chair - Mike Sturla

NAA/NMHC Coalition Secures Victories in 2015 Building Code

During the final public hearings for the 2015 version of the International Building Code (IBC), NAA/NMHC and a coalition of groups successfully prevented several onerous and costly proposals affecting multifamily housing buildings from inclusion in the code.

The IBC includes comprehensive requirements for building systems and structural design, but many of the issues of concern to apartments centered on fire safety and accessibility. For example, the coalition successfully opposed efforts to require expensive firefighter breathing air replenishment systems in apartment buildings and proposals to require elevator lobbies in low-rise properties. Other favorable decisions related to podium construction, buildings with sprinkler systems, environmental measures and more. However, the hearings also resulted in several decisions that may adversely impact apartment buildings, particularly in the area of accessibility. For full hearing takeaways, go here.

These measures will be incorporated into the next IBC edition; however, because the International Code Council (ICC) split the 15 I-Codes into three groups (Groups A, B and C) they will not be published until 2015, when the Group B and C codes are also completed. In January 2013, ICC will begin the update process for Group B codes, which include the energy code, fire code and seven other model codes.