"I want to provide you with a testimonial of how wonderful I thought the Business Exchange was.  I am your cheerleader for this event!  It was very well organize and I felt it was a seamless process from beginning to end.  Each participant has a fair opportunity to meet with decision makers.  The prospects I sat with provided both of us with a great opportunity to help one another.  I am confident that the folks I met with are highly qualified management companies that I will be able to help recoup thousands of dollars monthly on a well run utility cost recover and management program.  I am excited to work with the owner members of the Association.  I look forward to attending this particular event for years to come.  The mixer afterwards was very nice and offered additional time to meet with other vendors and prospects/clients while enjoying a nice array of food and drink.  Thank you for organizing this event, it was a great one!!"
Jeffifer Hidalgo, Regional Sales Executive, NWP Services Corporation.
"The PAA Central Business Exchange provided me a great opportunity to connect with various organizations.  It was nice getting to learn more about each group.  In addition, it was great getting a better understanding of what they would like in a business partner."
Mike Dillon, Business Developer, RestoreCore

"Just wanted to let you know that I thought the Business Exchange went very well this afternoon.  I really liked the format.  Being able to sit down with the property representatives as we did enabled the vendors to accomplish what we plan to do at a Trade Show, but without all the "fluff"...we can just get down to business!  Also, the mixer that followed was a great idea!  Count me in for next year. 
Dale Koppenhaver,Territory Sales Manager CALECO Laundry Company